About In Small Print

There are increasingly more and more cases of cancer, infertility, allergies … But did you know that behind this all may be detergents, creams and shower gels you use, the furniture you have at home, the water you drink or the salad you eat?

In Small-Print“, we show how we are affected by the chemicals with which we are in contact every day. Many of these substances have a direct impact on our hormonal system by mimicking hormones and with it altering the system. These substances are technically called endocrine disruptors.

Our research for this documentary revealed a significant increase in cases of cancer and infertility, but also of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s or autism, which are related to chemical exposure.

We have traveled all over Spain to interview internationally recognized experts to speak about their work, investigation and see their laboratory. They shared with us their concerns and challenges for the generations to come. We must act now to control this chemical epidemic, for our health and that of our children.

The aim of “In Small-Print”, is to inform and raise awareness of the risks from chemical substances and its health effects, showing where you can find endocrine disruptors and what can we do to protect ourselves and our children.


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